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“My Web Global” is a platform of multi products and services.

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About Us

My Web Global provides multi services between providers and creates tools for the customer. The user can use My Web Global to make products purchases and to receive benefits

MyWeb Global is a community based digital cryptocurrency multi service platform.

It’s offered the people all over the World to referral benefit, attractive reward, multi services digital product. Our all services approved by DAO- (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

My Web Global is not an investment. It’s offer to you getting more and more benefits by your proper activities. There is no purchase obligation for the customer. There is excellent rewards are given if there is activity within the eco-system.

Goals of MyWeb Global

  • You can transaction MyWeb multi service product all over the world by CryptoCurrency.
  • You can receive exclusive Reward by practicing the Referral System in the world.
  • A valued Customer getting highest benefit to buy & sell multi service product from “MyWeb”.

“MyWeb Global” is a virtual token that can only be used internally on the platforms. You can collect Myweb token by order a product or enjoying a cash back or working for the community by offering a service. Its focus to be the value of the ecosystem fees.

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Our Services

Blockchain Decentralized

Secured Blockchain. Decentralized policy for future ecosystem.

Demand & Liquidity

Easy Transaction facilities wiht most of the exchanger & convinient to get rewards.

Open-source Whitepaper

Varified Whitepaper provides guaranteed implementation of smart contracts that automatically agreed with declared conditions.

Blockchain Academy

The Blockchain Institute of Technology has received a federal trademark for education services and certification to train and provide verified certificates in blockchain technology.

Exclusive Rewards

Users will gain exclusive Reward by practicing the Referral System in the world

Technical Support

Users can get any kind of technical support instantly for non-interupt service.


MyWeb Global is a exclusive supportive organization. You are free to ask any kind of queries at any time. Our support team will istantly response.


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